Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done in this city.

Hello again,

I wanted to tell you about a few more stories and events that happened in the last few days. I am retyping this from photos on my camera, so sorry for the typos I may not have caught. The power was turned off before I could send this e-mail and I had a suspicion that it had not saved. I took photos of the e-mail from my laptop and am now typing it from the screen on the back of my camera. 

First, thank you so much for your prayers for the children and the outbreak of mumps. I only had one new case of mumps today. 

If you remember a couple of e-mails ago I explained that I had tried to buy dirt, for starting plants, only to find out that you cannot buy dirt in Haiti, neither can you buy cut flowers. Mike told me I would be able to find dirt down by the river. So I gathered up my children, my grandson and 5 of the older boys here. We grabbed four 5 gallon buckets and a shovel and hiked down to the river. All I could find was a heavy clay. I decided that would be better than the gravel in the children's village and asked the older boys to dig some up and put it in the buckets. The clay was wet and extremely heavy, but they all volunteered to haul it for me. Not far from the river my grandson decided to leave the designated path. We were out in the open, so no big deal. At one point his path started to narrow and it became obvious that he would have to cross over some mud and get back on our path. He is 8 years old. He took a few steps across what seemed like fairly dry mud only to find he was sinking almost up to his knees in it. He was so stuck he couldn't even wiggle. He had such a awe struck look on his face that we all busted up to the point of tears. One of the older boys had to go over to where he entered the mud and pull him straight up to get him out. Afterwards, I took all the older boys down the road to a roadside stand to buy them a soda, which made no sense to anyone but me. They wanted to send someone to buy the soda for me to give to the boys. I asked Nathan to please humor me and let me take them. It was a good relationship building time. 

Over the last weekend Nathan took my children and I along with my older daughter Rebecca  and my grandson Felice to a city about 1 1/2 hours south of Marose. We met up with his wife there and stayed in her brother's home. He is a pastor of a large church. Saturday evening we witnessed 7 weddings. I took many photos like I do at most of the Haitian weddings I go too, if I am asked. I enjoy doing it and then bringing the photos back and giving them to the bride and groom. Sunday morning they had a huge anniversary celebration. Nathan's wife sang in the choir which is only accompanied by Nathan's accordion. They sound absolutely incredible. She also was in charge of the meal for the celebration. There were about 1000 guest. And since she was so busy. I was able to care for their new 4 week old baby for the first half of the day. Newborns are so precious. Holding her was such a gift to me. They have given her the name Esther. 

Over the past week and a half we have been holding revival meetings at our church in Marose. There has definitely been an out pouring of the Holy Spirit. The last two nights have been amazing. It is so obvious that God is calling out the men who are leaders. The services the last two nights have ended up with the men on their faces before God. God is doing a miraculous work. God has given Nathan such a heart for them and there has been many words for them. I have  thoroughly enjoyed it. When worshiping tonight I thought of the words to the chorus of a Chris Tomlin song "Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done in this city." Please pray for the remaining week and a half of the revival that His perfect will is done. 

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers, you will never  know how much we need them.

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