Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've missed writing to you. We only use the generator for power in the evenings so between going to the nightly church services and having the internet down for a few days, I have not been able to update you.There seems to be no rhyme or reason in regards to our ability to connect to the internet, other then harassment from the enemy. 

We were blessed to have a CTK team visit us. They were here for a pastors conference, they also did some teaching with our Good Shepherd pastors. They spent time with the children, including giving out glo-sticks, which the children love and they spent some time praying for us and encouraging us, both of which were greatly appreciated. The team also attended Friday's all night prayer and worship celebration in Pass Rien. Rusty taught and each team member shared testimonies or stories and scriptures. It was a special night for Pastor Rusty as he was with the team that went to Pass Rien the first time, nearly two years ago, to pray over the village and try to sense if God was calling us to work in Pass Rien. He helped to lead 4 of the 7 people to the Lord that first visit. It was also exciting for the team to experience the Spirit of God moving in Pass Rien.  We had 27 people give their lives to the Lord that night. The worship led by Pastor Nathan was very powerful. Thank you for all your prayers for Pass Rien, the people still are meeting every night, they just love worshiping God and learning about Him.

Mike is preaching every Sunday, plus a couple of times a week. He would greatly appreciate your prayers. Also we are still in the adjustment period as a family and would appreciate your prayers for our family as well. We were able to get a break as a family. We found a hotel with a pool, and took our three youngest children along with the two children we are in the adoption process with. They had never been to a hotel before, it was a very new experience for them. It was also a great bonding experience. We are getting a bit better at speaking the language which helps. Jonas, one of our translators is teaching us now. Total immersion also helps, when there is no team, there is no translator to help us, except when Mike is preaching. So we are learning out of the necessity to communicate :) 

Next week, Jacob, one of our sons will be coming to visit with his family. I am excited to see them. 

Please know that we are very appreciative of your prayers, they are very important to us.They are our life line so to speak. 

Many Blessings,

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