Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hope all is well with you. We have had some amazing experiences with God these past two weeks. Last week the village of Perou held a revival each night. The theme was "Rebuilding the wall with God's help." It was based on Nehemiah 1:4. Mike preached some of the evenings and Nathan lead worship some of the evenings. During the week Mike also spent time during the day meeting with the Pastor of Perou and also with some of the leaders. He spent time walking around the village and visiting with people. He was able to see sugarcane harvested and also sugarcane syrup being made, in much the same way as it was hundreds of years ago. Complete with actual horse power. This past Sunday was the final day of the revival culminating in a 5 hour church service. There were over 30 salvation's during the week. There were also many re-dedications and prayers for healing. The Holy Spirit has been really moving. God has been so merciful to the village of Perou. Please continue to pray for the village of Perou.

This Monday my son Jacob and his family have come for a visit. They will be in Haiti for two weeks. They brought all of the ingredients with them for making Tacos. Tacos is one meal that Mike has really missed. We fixed the Tacos tonight and they were wonderful. It has been a blessing to have some of my children and also some of our friends visit these past few months.

Our apartment is getting close to being finished. Please pray that we are able to have most of it finished and be moved in before Mike flies back to the US for our annual fundraiser and a Logos Bible Software seminar. He will also be back in the states for Rose's Mission Store and for various speaking engagements. It would be easier for me to be settled and not living with all seven of us in the same room. It has been much like camping. And, after almost 3 months of living this way I am really looking forward to a little bit more space :) I can't even have quiet time in the bathroom.

Last night a very sad and exciting event happened. Nathan's wife was at the hospital where she works and a lady came to the hospital to give birth, which is unusual in Haiti. She must have been having trouble. Afterwards she left and would not take the baby with her. Madame Nathan offered the hospital to take the baby and care for her. The hospital gave her permission, so now Nathan and his wife are the proud parents of a little baby girl. We are sad for the mother, but at the same time very excited for Nathan and his wife. I will post a photo as soon as I am able to take one. 

Thank you all so very much for your faithful prayers for the ministry and our family.
Many blessings,

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