Friday, May 31, 2013

Prayers for travel and a very funny story :)

Hope you are all well. We have a broken generator and are now running on a small capacity generator, which is again making it difficult to keep up good communication. We are on the brink of going solar though, thanks to friends from Cookshill Community Church, they held a fundraiser for a complete solar powered system for the Children's village and medical clinic here in Marose. So this summer thanks to them and a couple of other friends we will be going solar. God is so faithful.

Tonight Mike is flying back to Washington. Please pray for safe travel and connecting flights. Pray for safe travel to and from speaking engagements and also two fundraisers. We would also appreciate prayer for our two fundraisers. The first one is tomorrow (Saturday), in Lynden. This fundraiser is our annual US fundraiser. The second one is the Mission Store, which will be held on June 27th. For more information on tomorrows fundraiser you can view the invitation below.

Now, for the funny story. Yesterday Mike rode his motorcycle into the city. He has lost some weight since moving to Haiti. He is finding himself pulling up some of his pants frequently, so they do not fall down. The shorts he wore into town were bothering him, so when he parked his moto, he noticed some twine on the back of his moto. He was removing it when a Haitian man came up to him and asked him if he was Haitian or American? Granted all Haitian's are black not white, but this was not what the man was getting at. Before answering Mike bent down and grabbed a rock and laid the twine on the edge of the road and started hitting the twine with the rock to cut it. He then picked up the twine and threaded it through his belt loops to make a belt to hold up his shorts. After watching the process, the man answered his own question. He said that it was obvious that Mike was Haitian :) Hope this brings a smile to your face as it did ours.

On a side note, I would also love and appreciate your prayers as I negotiate living in Haiti with five children on my own for the month of June. 


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