Monday, January 28, 2013

Today the team worked on laying out the area for the playground in the children's village. They also dug the holes for the steel posts, which is quite a job. Our friend Neil, who works for Washington state agriculture, and who has come to Haiti twice to do soil testing, remarked "what soil" when he first saw it. In Marose the soil is more like rock with smaller ground up rock. It is so hard and packed it is almost like digging concrete. So digging the post holes was quite an accomplishment.

The team also spent time with the children today and passed out the children's gifts to them. Then in the evening the team passed out glow-sticks. The children love the glow-sticks, usually a wild game of chase and capture breaks out once the glo-sticks are given out. The team usually gets quite involved in the game.

Tomorrow the team will go into town and get the steel posts for the playground. They will also get to spend some time in the market. The team will be hiking up the mountain tomorrow for their devotion time. And one of the exciting parts for tomorrow will be the delivery of the bibles for the new believers in Pass Rien and for the youth group in Perou among others. These are the bibles that you purchased for Christmas. They are written in their language and are nice durable hard cover bibles.

Thank you again for partnering with us in prayer.

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