Sunday, January 27, 2013

The team arrived at the children's village last night and settled in. Nathan said that the village of Pass Rein was expecting the team for Church in the morning. So they traveled up to Pass Rein this morning, Nathan lead worship and Mike preached. Mike said church was amazing. There were about 250 people from the village that went to church. They did not all fit in the tent they use for church, which is one of those long military style tents. They opened both ends of the tent, there were people in the tent and outside of the tent and all around the tent. There were 9 salvation's and about 150 people came forward to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. They had a meeting afterwards with the leaders to encourage them to disciple and mentor the people. The team said it was so cool being in church this morning, the church was exploding with the Spirit of God. They also visited the woman whose house burned down. Some of the village men are helping with the labor of rebuilding it. The team was also shown a new piece of property that has become available for the church. At some point the church would also be used for a school. It has mango and coconut trees on part of the property and is available for a very reasonable price.
This evening the team went to our church in Marotte, for a celebration. Nathan led worship and Mike taught. The church had a potluck, which is unusual for Haiti. They also had a men's group sing and a women's group sing. Mike said he shared the same message in the evening as he shared in the morning in Pass Rein. But the response was so different. The atmosphere seamed very heavy. The team felt like there was a lot of spiritual warfare going on. So the team and the church leaders got together and prayed and something in the spiritual realm broke. At one point Mike felt like he received a word from God for the leaders and he looked up towards the front and realized that the pastor and his wife, the youth pastor and his wife and all of the leaders were in one area. He with them the story about Jesus telling Peter that "on this rock I'll build my church, and that He would pour out His Spirit on them." The leadership of the church was like Peter "the rock" and they would be the foundation of the church. Then God did pour out His spirit on them. The team summed the day up by saying there were huge spiritual victories today. Praise God He is wonderful!
Tomorrow the team will be starting on a playground in the children's village. This is a project that has been on many hearts and will be a joy for the children's village. The team brought some of the playground parts with them. Please pray that they are able to find the rest of the parts in town tomorrow. Please also pray for the team as they spend time with the children and staff tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.

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