Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today the team mostly stayed in the children's village. Kathy and Brenda worked in the kitchen with the cooks again. The guys worked more on building the playground. Mike, Jay and Brenda each shared with the staff some of the different aspects of our child safety program. They also taught the children some more about respect and appreciation. One of the highlights of the trip is being able to share a new food with the children and staff, something we eat in America or Canada.
For this trip Kathy made gingerbread boy cookies and bears at home. Then they decorated the cookies in the Haiti. They went over well.
Since the team did not go to Perou today, they will be going tomorrow morning. Mike, Jay and Brenda will also be teaching the staff again tomorrow. Please be praying for understanding. Thank you again for your prayers, they are appreciated.

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