Friday, May 20, 2011

May 19, 2011

We are so excited to share some wonderful news with you. Jonas our orphanage director, whom we have grown to love and respect has proposed to Nathan's sister Nadine. She has accepted and her father Pastor Nathaniel has given his blessing.
Have I mentioned we are excited and thrilled. It is such good news.
When I spoke with Mike tonight he said that the pastors conference is going great. The team started the morning with devotions
and spent time praying over Nathan's brother (the pastor they stayed with last night). Mike said the team enjoyed blessing each of the pastors with their notebooks, pens, teaching notes, bathroom bags and compliments of Pastor Steve little tins of mints with a Haitian blessings written on each tin. Mike taught today and said it went well. He said God really moved during the ministry time.
One of the church leaders that came with a pastor wants to be baptized on Saturday. We have connected to a ministry that has translated 300 + modern worship songs into Haitian Creole'. This ministry has given us copies of the music and the music and song sheets to go with it. This is something we have been praying for, for quite a while. Nathan is very gifted in worship and we have been trying to figure out how to translate music for him. Now this has been made available to us and by someone who understands and has a heart for worship. The man who has done the translation will be coming to our orphanage during the July trip and doing a worship conference for the pastors association's worship leaders.
Mike said it rained in Haiti tonight and that it was refreshing, that coming from someone born in Washington sounds funny, but it is so dry and dusty in Haiti. The rain cleans, settles and renews.
Tomorrow please be praying for Pastor Steve who shares during the morning teaching time and for Pastor Jay in the early afternoon as he has a hike planned (no surprise coming from Jay) up a mountain and a teaching on perspective. Jay is one of our friends from Canada and he and his wife have been great friends and a blessing to us. He definitely has the gift of encouragement and should be a huge blessing to the pastors.
Mike said the team has jelled well and have all commented on how unified they feel. Thanks so much for your prayers. We believe God wants to refresh, encourage and strengthen these weary pastors, and they have come expecting God to.

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