Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I talked with Mike again this evening. Mike says this has been a really good team and the team says it has been a really good trip. Four of the team members have never been on a trip with us before and 4 have been on trips with us in the past.
In the morning the team did a little touch up painting, and Adam did some rewiring of the generator and power.
Later the team visited our school in Peru. (Payroo) They spent time with the children and then did a little teaching with the people choosing to be baptized today. We usually hike through the village down to a deep hole to do baptisms, but the river was too low to baptize anyone, which is not good since this is the village's water source still, for washing, bathing, cooking and drinking. They had to drive to the big river to baptize this time. Ironically when they arrived it started pouring. Some asked if they were still going to do the baptisms. Mike and Nathan figured they were going to get wet anyway and so were those being baptized, so they weren't going to let a downpour stop them. They had a time of prayer on the shore and as the rain let up, the surrounding neighbors came to see what was going on. Usually there is a parade of people that gather as we get closer to where we baptize and there is worship and musical instruments playing. It is a sight that causes interest in what is going on. Anyway the baptisms went well.
Tonight the children sang for the team and then asked if they could pray for the team. Mike said the children gathered around them in a circle and prayed over them. He said they felt very blessed.
Mike also talked with our Doctor today to get an update on Jephley's situation. He is the boy who we asked everyone to pray for, as he will be needing surgery. Mike said that next week he will go to Port-au-Prince to have some blood tests done. Then after they get the results they will schedule the surgery in the hospital in Port-au-Prince. Mike told him we would like the surgery done as soon as possible. Please continue to pray for him.
Tomorrow the team will spend some time with the children in our Marose school and then go
to feed the children in Gonaives, the poorest of the poor. Please pray for them as this can be hard for some as God breaks their heart for the poor. It gives us a tiny glimpse of God's heart.
When the team gets back they will have lunch with Emory and the team that serves with him. Then they will head back down to Nathan's brothers house.
Also please be praying for our team member Caitlin, as she will be staying on in the Orphanage as a worker. She will be staying until July and then will come home with the July team. Pray for her safety, health, discernment, adjustment, and that God's spirit leads and guides her. She is very excited and has been working towards this since December. We are excited for her and for God's plans for her. Again thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement.

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