Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In a couple weeks we have a ministry team leaving again for Haiti. The main focus of this trip will be a "pastors conference" that we have been planning for quite some time. I would very much like to ask your prayers for these guys. We will have 50 pastors and leaders that have dedicated their life to getting the "Good News" of the gospel of Christ out to the unsaved in Haiti. This may seem like it should be obvious to you, but most of the churches in Haiti are not that way. Haiti is a very dark place spiritually, and the majority of the churches are corrupted and filled with voodoo and witch'craft. Most pastors in Haiti do not get paid for their "pastor position", they work as school teachers or directors or truck drivers to feed their families. Most do not have a formal theological education. Many do not have any education past the 5th grade. But these guys are very different. They are thirsty and hungry for the equipping and anointing they need, for the calling on their lives. They will gladly sit for hours and hours to hear relevant spirit filled teaching on how to reach the lost. Their hearts are broken for their own hurting people. And they want to be the body of Christ for them. Most of these guys have never stayed in a motel before, with beds and running water, flush toilets, and YES, a swimming pool of all things.
Please be praying for these pastors, that they will be redeemed, refreshed, renewed, in the love and empowering of the Holy Spirit. In the past 4 years we have come to know and understand that Haiti is a hard place to minister. But these guys are there every day and every night. The power of our prayers can help to flavor their salt and brighten their lights, to shine into Haiti's darkness. This is one big way that all of us can answer to God's call to "go to all the nations". Thank you for your prayers and support. The dates of the trip are May 17th thru 27th. The conference dates are May 19th thru 21st. Chris will be up-dating with daily reports and prayer requests.................Mike

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