Tuesday, March 29, 2022

 The next story is from Carline. She says she is 39 years old and that she was one of the people who went to the mobile clinic that Pastor Nathan and his team brought to her village in Denonville. She shared that she had two main problems, itching and malaria fever. Carline said she was so happy to attend the clinic because the itching problem had prevented her from sleeping. When asked if she had been to a medical doctor she said no, I am poor so I could not afford the service a medical doctor. She said she had been sick for about 7 months. She brought her two boys who are 12 and 21 years old with her because they also had the itch problem. She shared  "To God be the Glory, we are all healed and happy and I am thankful also for a big can of rice that they shared with us to be fed".

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