Tuesday, March 29, 2022

 Good evening

I wanted to share with you about something our medical clinic is doing. We have had many requests from the remote villages we minister in asking us to build a medical clinic in their village. In answer to this, we have started providing medical outreaches every 3 to 4 months in one of our remote villages. All of our medical staff and some of our pastors and leaders volunteer for the day. 

During the outreach they meet medical needs and give out medicine. They also have evangelism and worship times. They then connect the new believers to our churches in the community for discipleship. They also give out food to those in need. 

They see about 100 people during the day. Many have lived with their sicknesses for years. They live with sickness because  of their poverty and limited access to medical care. Most are people that otherwise would not be seen by a nurse or doctor.

I would like to share some of the stories from Denonville during our outreach last Saturday.

The first story is about Juralda who is 27 years old. She wanted to share how this was a blessing to her. She had an infection and heart problem she said the doctors took care of her and prescribed good medicines. She says that she is healed now, after being sick about 2 years. She shared that she had tried to visit another clinic before, but nothing worked for her and she said, because of her poverty she couldn't follow their advise so she remained sick.  She has one 3 year old child who she brought because of stomachache pain and she shared that after being given some medicine she is now in good health. Juralda shared "The outreach was a great help and blessing, and they gave me a big can of rice also, thank you so much". She said she is now a new Christian in the Good Shepherd Church of Denonville. 

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