Tuesday, January 12, 2021

 Good evening,

We want to thank you for your prayers. Prayers that move mountains.
On Sunday morning, Nathan, Joey and Mike went to Poteau for church. Mike said church was wonderful, there was good worship and a good ministry time. 

Mike shared with me "During ministry time, one man came forward and said that the demons were harassing him all the time. No peace. No sleep. I prayed for God to cast out the demons. I told him (the man) to quit feeding them, then told him, when we lead a witch doctor to new life in Jesus, we make him go to his house and clean all the bad stuff out. I told him to spend time while I was praying for others and clean his house out. Then when I came back to him, we, symbolically burnt all the bad stuff. Then I asked God to fill him with the Holy Spirit. He walked out of there like a new man. Praising God and so thankful." I love it when Heaven invades earth. 

Church in the evening at Pass rein was also really good. Mike said it was good to see all our friends and encourage them. 

Mike and Nathan had a really good meeting with the Radio team on Monday. They are starting construction on the new site now, which is on the mountain behind the Children's Village. After doing some research we have been told that the radio station will have a much greater reach if it is relocated to the hill behind the Children's Village. The Radio team has been putting together a more professional programming schedule that will include a variety of different ways to spread the gospel and serve the public. We have been given the parts for a much taller and more powerful tower too. Praising God for the coming increase on the ability to reach more people for Jesus. And, as before there will be the personal follow up on those calling into the station wanting prayer and/or salvation. Please pray for wisdom as this part of the ministry transitions.

Joey and Mike also visited the schools in Poteau and Marose Monday. I've included a couple of pictures.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), or today, depending on when you read this:) Mike said that he and Nathan will be climbing the mountain, I am assuming prayer mountain which is between Poteau and Pass Rein. They will be spending a good part of the day up there with just each other and God, seeking God for clarity, vision, wisdom and direction for the ministry. Please pray as they seek Him.
Thanks so much for your faithfulness.



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