Friday, January 15, 2021

 Good evening,

Ice in Haiti is such a privilege. The country of Haiti is such a contrast to what we we've come to expect, even assume is owed to us where we live.

Mike said that there has not been power the whole time he has been in Haiti. Power is available about once every two weeks now, but you still have to pay your power bill, even though you do not receive power.

You cannot buy gas, except for very small quantities in the black market. Which then eliminates other alternatives for power, such as generators.

As he and Joey drove through the downtown area, Mike shared that  conditions are so much worse than when we lived there just a short time ago. There is way more garbage and filth in the streets of Gonaives. The canal which is meant for emergency drainage for disasters like hurricanes, is also full of garbage and filth.

Word on the street is that Youri, (who was a senator and is accused of being a gang leader, drug trafficker, and having death squads), word is that if anyone tries to clean up Gonaives they will be shot. It is believed that he and those with him want the country of Haiti to be a mess, because of how it reflects on President Moise.

The main highway through most of Haiti is Route Nationale1, and since Mike has been in Haiti, there has been multiple road blocks, riots, rock throwing and guns in between Port-au-Prince and Gonaives. We had thought they would run out of ammunition eventually because Haiti does not make or sell ammunition. The Haitian government forbids the import of guns and ammunition, unless it is for government use. But, they are letting people cross into The Dominican Republic to buy ammunition and then letting them bring it back into Haiti.

There are supposed to be manifestations next week. All this brings the people so much hopelessness, which makes Haiti such a hard place to live in. BUT GOD! Only He can break through the darkness and bring His light, His peace and His hope to the hopeless. He brings life, freedom and joy. We are so privileged to walk with Him, partner with Him and come alongside the People of Haiti with Him. It is what your support and faithful prayers do, you are part of walking with, partnering with, and coming alongside the beautiful people of Haiti. By the Grace of God we can help lift up and encourage and bring His light and truth into the darkness, and then the darkness has to flee. GOD is a GOD OF HOPE.

Tuesday Mike and Nathan climbed the mountain behind the Children's Village. They spent most of the day praying, worshiping and seeking God for vision, direction, clarity and wisdom for their relationship, the ministry, and the people of Haiti. They really appreciated the prayer support from you. They are Hopeful and God is so good to us, He desires that we seek Him.

Please continue to lift the people of Haiti up in prayer, along with the ministry and Nathan. Also please keep Joey and Mike in your prayers. They were originally coming home late Friday/early Saturday morning, but they have extended their trip. It has been too long since Mike has been able to be in Haiti and he felt like he needed more time with our pastors. And Joey has been loving Haiti. Sooo they have extended their time. 

Tomorrow, Friday, they will be having a lot of meetings. And then Saturday will be spent with the pastors having another conference. Please be praying for open hearts and encouragement for them. 

The photo below that has all the color in it is something Joey taught the children how to do. He said it is called light painting. He has been such a blessing on this trip. 

The last photo expresses the heart of why we do what we do here. Joey has done such a wonderful job of capturing the heart of the people of Haiti. Like I said in an earlier prayer partner, "They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would say at least that!" 

We are so blessed by your faithfulness.


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