Wednesday, March 15, 2017


God is on the move in Badjo. Many miracles happened this morning. Thank you SO much for your faithful prayers.

Mike, Nathan and the team headed to Badjo this morning, they were going to start with visiting a friend of Nathan's and see where God led after that. But on the way they passed an older women sitting all by herself in her front yard. Nathan stopped the truck and waited and then said he felt like God wanted them to stop and talk to her. So they did, they explained that they just wanted to comfort the people who had lost loved ones in the accident. Her response was absolutely amazing. 

This is her story. She said that she was the main witch doctor over Badjo and she was at the Rara and involved in the accident. As I had said earlier when buses hit people they take off, if they stay witnesses usually try to burn the buses, many times with the people still in it. And they kill the driver. So just 3 blocks early the bus had already hit 2 pedestrians, killing one of them. So the bus was trying to get away and had turned its lights off and was not using it's horn to warn people it was coming through. The witch doctor said that for some reason  she turned towards the direction the bus was coming, she said the bus came with no lights and no horn. She said the bus came within a few feet of her and she watched it hit and kill many people, as she looked up she said she saw Jesus and that he revealed himself to her. She said that at that moment she renounced satan and voodoo and rara and told him that she wanted to accept Jesus in her heart. As Mike and Nathan  talked with her she shared that her son died in the accident. Mike said he was given words for her that she would be influential for God in the community, like she had been for satan and voodoo. Then another women, her daughter said she wanted to accept Jesus. After they shared with them awhile, Nathan asked if there was somewhere else they should go? She said go out the gate in her back yard, anyone they ran into would have family that had died in the accident.

So they started walking and a young girl called to them and said please don't go, there are two women over here that want to give their lives to Jesus. So they went to talk with them. One of them had a mangled eye from being beaten by her husband, who had died in the accident. Both of them accepted the Lord. 

They then walked another block and talked to a family, which Mike said was the hardest to talk to, because of their hurting and sorrow. They had lost 4 family members in the accident. The older lady there shared that they had lost 3 teenage grandsons and her son, who was husband and father to some of the people there. 8 different people gave their hearts to the Lord.

They walked a block and came to another house, where a family had also lost 4 family members. They had lost 2 older grandchildren, a husband and an uncle. The older lady that was talking with them said that she was also a witch doctor and said when she heard that her family had died in the accident she right then and there said never again, she was done with satan, voodoo and rara's, and she gave her heart to Jesus, all by herself, just between her and God. 

Both the first and fourth family said that Mike and Nathan could not leave them. That they needed them to stay and help. They begged Nathan and Mike to start a church and show them how to live differently. 

God's spirit is moving, it is exploding in Badjo, today there were 26 salvations in a 3 block area. Please pray for wisdom and discernment. We do not have an extra pastor to send to Badjo, they will need bibles and people to walk beside them and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Right now the biggest need is for someone to come alongside Mike and Nathan and be mentored to pastor this community. Also they will need bibles. A full Haitian Creole bible is $10. We would also like to be able to reach out to the community and feed them, as they work through their grief, much like we would bring meals to a grieving family stateside or in Canada. We would appreciate help in these areas. Please come alongside of us and help us reach out to the people of Badjo. Please help us be the hands and feet of Jesus. The death toll is up to 46 people now and this is from a very small village, where almost everyone has lost someone.

Thank you and blessings,

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