Saturday, March 18, 2017


Thank you so much for your prayers. God is on the move. Last night we went to a church in Mapou, next to Badjo. Nathan led worship and Mike preached. There was one salvation. 

This morning at the pastors conference Mike felt like he was supposed to take the whole group of pastors and leaders to Badjo as an outreach. So we made "pen avek mamba", a type of hard roll with peanut butter. Then we drove across the river. When we were across the river we started seeing people from the funeral. This morning they had a large funeral in Gonaives, which the president attended. The president purchased coffins for each of the 46 people who died in the accident. In Badjo many of the families also had their own private funerals, which is why we started seeing people. There were about 500 people at the grave sites when we passed the cemetery  We stopped in the front of the witch doctors home that had given her life to Jesus during the accident. I explained this in the last email. There were quite a few people in her yard. We spoke to them for a while, then we asked if we could pray for the different people there. They said yes. 8 people in the yard gave their lives to the Lord. The most fun was a young man with long dreads down his back, which is usually very unacceptable here in Haiti. At first he laughed when we were praying for someone by him and said "you can't preach to me. I won't accept Jesus." Mike then noticed a black arm ribbon on his bicep. Mike asked what is was and he responded that he had gone to a voodoo camp that morning. He said it supported the people who died. Mike asked how it did this as the people were dead, he then said it couldn't but it supported him. Mike asked how it helped him? He responded it shows solidarity. After a few minutes of thinking about it he started crying and he took it off and threw it on the ground and said he wanted to accept Jesus. A huge miracle. 

Next we went to another house and met a family of Christians, we prayed for boldness for them to start reaching out to their neighbors, they were like a little light in the darkness. The mama who was very old was so full of the spirit, I loved her. They led us to another house to pray for people. And another 8 people came to the Lord there. Two tough but wonderful stories came from that household. The first was a little old man, he was 77 years old, which is very old for Haiti. He was so bent over that he was only 4 1/2 feet tall. His wife had given her heart to the Lord last Wednesday when they were there. She came running up as we came in the gate and said that we needed to pray for her husband to accept Jesus. He told us no we could not pray for him, because he had quit attending rara's and voodoo ceremonies a few years ago and he was better then Christians. We talked with him a really long time and prayed for him to be willing. Eventually he choose to pray so that " he could be in Jesus house when he died like his wife". He was such a precious little man. No teeth, but a Cheshire cat grin. 

At this same house we had a young man around 20 years old telling us "if Christ was so great why weren't we here earlier before his friend had died" He had tons of questions like that. He went on and on. He thought he was pretty tough. Finally, after a lot of talk I said I felt like God said the door is open now and it won't always be, maybe tomorrow your friends and family will be crying over you, like you are over your friend now. Kind of blunt and harsh, but he was arguing and taking the attention from others. It must have been God, he gave his life to Jesus 5 minuets later. In all 16 people gave their lives to the Lord today. 

Please keep praying we are trying to follow God's leading, it feels like another Pass Rein, Bon Berger. God is sooooo good.


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