Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Thank you for your prayers. The ceremony for changing the name of De Force, Pass Rein went wonderfully. De Force means place of darkness, and had the reputation of being "where the witch doctors come from". Bon Berger, the place of light, is the new name the villagers chose. During the ceremony there was great worship, Nathan's choir performed, there were official speeches, a marching band and parade, new village signs and a ribbon cutting ceremony and lots of food. Everyone is now trying to get used to calling the village Bon Berger. I cannot even begin to describe what this means to the villagers, Nathan, Mike and I. It feels like things have come full circle, sort of an ending with a new chapter just beginning.  A battle was raging and victory has come. God has been so good to the people. We have been praying for the conversion of the Madame and salvation to come to De Force, Pass Rein since April of 2011. Since then there have been hundreds of salvation's, hundreds of healings and many miracles. I cannot even count the number of witch  doctors and killers that have accepted Jesus. But all along, many of you have been praying faithfully with us as we have been praying for her, witnessing to her, and converting other witch doctors under her authority. And God moved a mountain. He moved beyond what we could imagine or hope for. The madame now lifts her hands in worship to our God. She and many others who fought against Christians and realized their powers in Satan were not as strong as the power of God. One of our friends years ago said she could see the Madame standing in a dark doorway with many eyes peering out from the darkness. She said she believed that when the Madame came to accept Jesus, that the floodgates would be open and many would come to salvation. This has happened. Daily there has been people who have called the radio station, the leadership of Pass Rein or Nathan and said they wanted to know about somebody named Jesus. Sometimes individuals and sometimes whole families. The madame controlled the village, she ran prostitution, cock fighting, gambling and voodoo. She controlled with fear, backed up with violence. And now she has asked for forgiveness and raises her hands in praise to God. She has ups and downs and she does struggle, choosing Christ has consequences, but she is continuing to press on. The revival has created so many new Christians, please keep lifting them up in prayer, it is so hard to be a Christian in Haiti, as their whole world changes.

Joshua and Joey were able to get video footage of the ceremony. They also interviewed many people during their stay in Pass Rein the last few days, they will be putting together a video for our ministry as well as creating one that tells the stories of Pass Rein. Please keep them in prayer as they work on this project, which is immense. Also they fly out tomorrow, after being here for 10 days filming, please pray for safe travel. 

Thank you so much for your prayers,

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