Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hope your fall is going well. It is finally cooling off a bit in the evening here. 

We have had a small team here for five days now. I would like to share a bit about what they are doing.  Anna Babe is from Anacortes and has been taking photos for us. We would like to refresh our website, brochures and slide shows, etc. So she has been taking photos at our children's village, our schools and around the community. She has been staying in our home with us, and then traveling around each day. I have really enjoyed the time I have been able to spend connecting with her. 

Joshua and Joey are from the Lynden/Bellingham area. They are filming life here in Haiti for us and them. They have felt called to tell the story of Pass Rein ever since their trip here about a year ago, when they filmed Mike for Logos Software. So they are capturing stories on film. They also are capturing our ministry here in Haiti on film. They have been staying in our Children's village mostly, all though they stayed one night in our home. They have also been capturing film at our children's village, schools, churches, market and around the community. They will be capturing a huge event tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, Sunday, in the afternoon, the official name of the community De Force, of Pass Rein, which means place of darkness will legally be changed to Bon Berger, which means Good Shephard, with the expression, the place of light. This has been the desire of the community for quite sometime now that so much change has come because of so many from the community accepting Jesus. The community has seen a huge increase in agriculture, it is amazing the quantities of produce coming out of De Force. The community has also seen a huge increase of new jobs. And they have become a true community together, one that even the non Christians have acknowledged. In the past they have had a bad reputation, a large part of which was because it was known as the place where witch doctors came from. This has changed and they want their name to reflect that. Tomorrow there will be a huge celebration. We are expecting at least 1000 people. The mayor will be there along with other government officials. There will be worship, speaking, food and fun. Joshua and Joey will be filming the event. Then they will be staying over in Pass Rein, in the home of one of our church leaders for a couple of nights to continue filming and gathering for the story they feel led to share.

It has been a very fruitful time since the Madame gave her life to the Lord. It has not come without a cost, but it has been fruitful. The madame's sister gave her life to the Lord last Saturday and then asked for us to come to her home after church and help her clean the voodoo things out and pray over  her home and family. Also, the Madame has had many ups and downs in the last few weeks. It has been difficult for her to go from being a leader and controller in the community, to having no power at all. It also has been difficult for her as she had quite a large monthly income and now has no income. She had been quite busy before, running all of her illegal businesses, and now does not have much to do. Also her friends and support group are now no longer there, and because of the horrific things she had done to the community in the past, it has been difficult for the community to forgive her and accept her. Last Sunday she spoke at church and tried to mend things. So the community is working on helping her. She also did an amazing thing this past week. She went back to her compound in Pass Rein and told the people she has living there that she was liberating them, setting them free. They had been her restavek's, which are slaves in Haiti. Four of them have now given their lives to the Lord. This is an amazing thing. There are many people in Haiti who have restaveks and do not think there is anything wrong with it. So for her to understand it is wrong and then give them their freedom is huge. It is so crucial that we continue to lift her up in prayer along with those who are involved with her. 

Today Nathan received another call from a witch doctor in the Pass Rein area. He asked us to come to his home and pray for him, his family and to help him clean his house of voodoo things. This is another of so many witch doctors who have recently come to the Lord. Joshua and Joey were able to go with us. The witch doctor and his immediate family all gave their lives to the Lord. I felt lead to pray for one little old lady, who came to see the witch doctor. Later on Nathan said he felt called to pray for her and the lady told him I had already prayed for her. She did not want to accept Jesus in her life and she shared that she had another son in Pass Rein that also was a witch doctor. There are so many questioning and coming to salvation right now, please lift the Madame up in prayer, her husband, who still has not accepted Jesus, her family, her freed restavek's along with the community of Pass Rein. Please also pray as other witch doctors hear the Madame's story. Your prayers have been moving mountains please keep lifting the people of Haiti up to the Lord. 


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