Sunday, August 16, 2015


We wanted to thank you for responding to our previous e-mail regarding the value of the US dollar rising and the effect it has had in the Haitian market place. Because many of the items the people buy in the local market come from America, their dollar does not go as far as it did just a couple of months ago. We asked for your help as many of the Haitian people cannot afford to buy food. This past Saturday we were able to pass out rice and cooking oil to some of the poorest families in the community of Marose. Then again on Sunday, we were able to bless some of the poorest families in the community of Perou. 

We will be passing out rice and oil in other villages that we minister in during the coming days and weeks, I will post photos again when we have those outreaches. We are in the process of determining which families in those communities need help the most. In each outreach the rice is passed out through the church to the community, the families helped do not need to be attending the church, we are just trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out in love and compassion. Hopefully you will catch some of the relief, hope and joy experienced by these families you have reached out to in some of the photos on the blog. Many thanks and blessings, for coming along side and helping.

The story I wanted to share is one Nathan shared with us today, the story takes place before the hurricane in September of 2008, but today was the first time I have heard it. Quite often God uses Nathan to give someone one last chance to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Sometimes the stories have good endings, sometimes not. I do not like to hear someone tell Nathan "later pastor Nathan, later". There usually is no later. So, Nathan said that one day a couple of weeks before the hurricane hit, he felt led by the Lord to go to the cemetery in Badjo. Badjo is a village across the river from Marose that is known through out Haiti as one of the main villages where voodoo is practiced. People actually come from international destinations to experience voodoo in Badjo. Pastor Nathan brought some friends from the village of Marose with him, to help evangelize in the village of Badjo.  In the cemetery they removed some of the cords and flags that represent voodoo. While they were taking down the cords and flags they were approached by some of the witch doctors and people in the area that practice voodoo, Nathan tried to explain to them why he took these items down. He shared about Jesus with them, they became very angry with him and would not listen or give their hearts to Jesus. He explained to them that they may not get another chance. Two weeks later the hurricane hit. Mike, our son Jeremiah and a team of friends were in Haiti at the time. The hurricane destroyed much of the Gonaive area that year, most people who were not able to get to a second story or on top of the roof of a stable building died in the flood. For those of you who have been to the Children's Village, try to picture the river becoming wide enough to reach the doorway of the Marose church. The hurricane hit the Gonaives area that year and then within hours circled around and hit Gonaives and Haiti a second time. ALL of the people in Badjo that Nathan had tried to share Christ with were caught up in the flood and died. Not one survived. Stories like that are huge reminders to us of how important prayer is. It is not possible to know when an opportunity to share one last time with someone will come up, which is just one of the many reasons we need your prayers. It is one of the many reasons we are constantly asking for your prayers and thanking you for praying. Your prayers really are a life line at times. People ask what our biggest needs are sometimes, prayer, good solid prayer is one of the answers we give. So, once again THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO PRAY.


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