Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We just wanted to touch base with you and share what is going on here in Haiti. We also wanted to thank you for your faithful support, your prayers are so very much appreciated by us. I don't think I will ever be able to fully explain how important your prayers are to everything happening here in Haiti.

Nathan's grandfather has some property in a small village near Gonaive and Marose called Myam. He is an evangelist and is quite a character. He is in his mid 80's which is quite a feat, given the life expectancy in Haiti is 52. It is probably partly due to his being such a character  :) and the bigger part due to his love of sharing Jesus. He has always desired a church to be on part of his property in Myam. The only church in Myam right now is mixed with voodoo, which is so confusing to the people. So we are beginning to lay the foundation for a "Good Shepherd life giving church" plant. Nathan held a week long revival in Myam, Mike spoke one of the nights, and there were guest speakers the other evenings. Over the 8 evenings 46 people asked Jesus into their hearts. We see this as a sign that God wants to move in Myam. Myam is another dark place that needs the light of Jesus, please pray for the ministry and both Nathan's and our family, as we again break into a dark place. With the fruit comes attacks from the enemy, so we really need your prayers, for perseverance, protection, wisdom, discernment and direction. Thank you.

Mary and Ian (the couple interning with us for about 7 months) are doing great. They are spending part of their time here in our home with the older boys transitional ministry and part of their time in the Children's Village. They are doing multiple age bible study groups and helping us with some of the logistics of running the ministry. They are also developing some exciting Facebook campaigns, which you can look forward to seeing in the future. Ian is also looking forward to getting started on our mini farm in front of the Children's Village. We are hoping to have raised vegetable beds, chickens and eggs, turkeys and two Tilapia fish ponds. Some of these projects have been waiting on the side lines for quite a while, we are excited to be finally bringing them into being. 

Again thank you for your prayers. 


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