Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I wanted to write to you again and share some stories from Pass Rein. 

The first story reaches back to when the (witch doctor) Madame ruled over Pass Rein. One of the activities that she controlled in the area was the cock fighting. Her cock fighting was so popular that she even had government officials participating and betting. The cock fighting was held on a piece of property uphill from the church. The problem for her is that along with the church and salvations in the community, the Holy Spirit showed up and she has not been able to perform her voodoo rituals, keep her prostitution ring going, the cock fighting, etc. She has left the area and now resides in Gonaives. Since she has left, the man who owned the property the cock fighting was held on, decided he would try and resurrect the cock fighting. He tried twice and failed both times. The Spirit of God had other plans for the land. A little while ago this man got sick and died. In the meantime Mike felt like we were supposed to put a cross up on the hill in Pass Rein, like the cross on the hill behind the Children's Village. We also have one on the hill in Perou. Mike actually had our welder make a cross.  So now, a distant relative inherits the land. This relative just came to Nathan and said that he wanted to donate the land to our Good Shepherd Church. He said he felt like the land was supposed to  be used for a place of prayer and worship. It just so happens that this land is part way up the hill in Pass Rein. The perfect place for a cross and a perfect place for someone to spend time praying and worshiping as they look up at the cross. The plan now is to build a gazebo type structure for protection from the sun and a place to sit. God is amazing and He IS in the redemption business.

The second story happened just the other day in Pass Rein. Madame Berline one of the more committed women to the church in Pass Rein told us that she had a dream during the night. It involved 5 crowns and 5 women of God. She said she asked Jesus in the dream if she could see heaven. She said she spent time with Jesus in her dream and saw heaven. The next morning she told Nathan and a few others about her dream. By the afternoon she was so sick, she called some of the leaders and told them she would not be at all night prayer and worship that evening because she could not even walk she was in so much pain. One of the main leaders, Bashmi, felt like she was supposed to share her dream with the congregation so he  walked down to her house and carried her the 7 blocks uphill to the church. She shared her dream and the church prayed over her for a long time. She was completely healed and after church was able to walk home. God is so awesome and compassionate.

Please continue to pray for the Madame (witch doctor) that she would turn her life over to God. Also, please pray for the church in Pass Rein, that they would continue to hunger and thirst after God. Please pray for safe travel for Mike as he flies next week. And please pray for our fundraiser in Washington on Saturday, May 2nd and our Canadian appreciation and thank you evening on Friday, May 8th. I know Mike is looking forward to seeing you.


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