Monday, April 20, 2015

Hope all of you are looking forward to our annual fundraiser in the U.S. It will be held on Saturday, May 2nd. Mike will be there to share and would love to see as many of you as possible. 

Also in Canada we will be holding a Canadian thank you dessert reception on Friday, May 8th. Again Mike will be there to share and would love to see you.

As usual we have a lot of things happening here in Haiti. We have had two more small teams since I last wrote. The first team in April was Tyler, Christina and Brooklyn. They are a blessing when they come. They spent most of their time playing with the children. They made a small swing for the little handicap boy, as he is not able to swing in our regular swings. Tyler helped with some electrical things and Christina helped me to get the new play and pray room set up. I will post some photos on the blog. You can access them by clicking on the blog link below. 

Right now we have Jason, Steph and Steph's fiance Keagan. They all are in the medical field. Jason is a tech, Keagan is an LPN and Steph is a RN. They have done physical's on each of the children in the Children's Village. They have worked in the medical clinic and Steph assisted our doctor in performing minor surgery. Steph celebrated her birthday for the 3rd year in a row in Haiti, this Saturday. She celebrated along with four of the children who also have April birthdays.Tomorrow the team will travel to Perou and spend some time with Wadner and his family. They will give Wadner a medical physical also. 

Our really exciting news will happen this Thursday. Both Steph and Keagan have chosen Haiti as their wedding destination. Everyone here in the Children's Village is extremely happy to be sharing their special day with them. The Good Shepherd Choir wants to sing for them, as well as another singing group. Mike will be speaking and officiating, along with Pastor Nathan and Pastor Daniel. I will try and post some photos of the wedding. Please pray for them as they take their vows and begin their new lives together.

Also, our truck is broken and we would appreciate prayers for the repair, it has turned into a major repair of the engine. We depend on it for the teams, ministry and personally.  We feel better knowing that there is a truck available for sick or hurt children or for members in the community that need a ride to the hospital. 

I will try and write again tomorrow, as I have two stories to share from Pass Rien. Thank you for your prayers. 


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