Sunday, December 7, 2014

Visa's and Christmas


We hope you are enjoying all of the snow and cold  in the Pacific Northwest.

We wanted to send out a reminder, asking for your prayers. We have a visa appointment for two of our children Tuesday morning, @ 7:00 AM Pacific Standard time. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for favor, granting our children travel visas. Also for traveling to Port-au- Prince and back to the appointment at the US Embassy. We have been working on obtaining visas for almost 2 years. The children have been living with us here in Haiti just short of 2 years.  It would be heart breaking to leave them behind as we travel to visit family and friends for Christmas.

We would also like to share a Christmas hope and dream with you. We are hoping you will be able to help us provide each of our 6 churches with (30) 50lb bags of rice, which the churches would be able to distribute to their community, for their Christmas meal. Each 50lb bag of rice costs $25. Most of Haiti still eats only 1 meal a day. It is not uncommon to run into families who eat every other day. Would you reach out and help them have a nice Christmas meal, by donating bags of rice, which we will purchase locally here in Gonaives. It would be a great outreach for our churches.

Thank you so much for your prayers and help with providing a Christmas meal. 


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