Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a nice thanksgiving meal here minus some of the ingredients :) We had a house full, as I know some of you did. 

Many of you have been asking if and when we have a visa appointment for the two children we are trying to adopt. Yes we finally do have one. Praise God! It is on December 9th and we would really appreciate your prayers for a favorable response. The children have been living with us as part of our family for almost two years. It would break our hearts to not be able to bring them back to visit with our family. We had been trying to apply for an earlier appointment, but we have been told that they are reserved for emergency visas, and that it would not help if we just showed up and waited for an opening from a cancellation. In faith we have already purchased their airline tickets. So December 9th is the date and we would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Last Sunday Mike was blessed with the privilege of becoming a Godfather of one of our cooks little girl. Our cook Elemen has been with us since the beginning of the ministry and she asked Mike if he would be the Godfather at her daughter's dedication. 

This Sunday I also am being blessed with the privilege of becoming a Godmother of David's little baby, David is one of the witch doctors that came to the Lord in Pass Rien. You may remember my story about painting his house. His life has been such a witness to others in Pass Rien. Many of the witch doctors struggle to find another source of income, after surrendering their previous life style to Jesus. David has been blessed to find a driving job for a Dominican road construction company here in Gonaive. It has been wonderful to watch his transformation into a loving father and husband. He has also gone to the church leaders and expressed his desire to be married. I continue to be amazed that God chooses to allow us to be involved in this community. 

Tomorrow I get to fill in teaching an English class in the community. The Haitian man who usually teaches the class is going to be out of town. It is a great class as he offers it as a community outreach. There are about 35 students of all ages in the class. It is held in a little church around the corner from us. Again, I would appreciate your prayers as it will stretch me a bit. 

Thank you for coming along side of us, we do really count on you. 

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