Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I would like to share with you some of the updates Mike has shared with me, regarding the youth event. I have flown to Lynden to be with my son Dustin and his wife Melissa. Melissa is still having some complications in her pregnancy, but over all is doing better. Please keep praying for her and their baby. She has reached her due date and we are praying she will go into labor naturally in the next two days, so the doctors will not intervene. Because I am in Lynden now, Mike is letting me know what is going on in Haiti. He says....

"The youth event is going very well, with over 250 youth attending. Their hearts are worshiping and praising God. They are beginning to believe that "They can make a difference." Yesterday Pastor Wadnare spoke about sexual appropriateness for two hours, and then we had an hour of passionate questions and answers. Last night our son Jake spoke after an hour and a half of emotionally exuberant worship. Many came forward for prayer to"make a difference." Today more games and competition between groups, they love this. Tonight Pastor Nathan will lead worship and Mike will give a message again. We will also be sharing glow sticks and the difference the Holy Spirit can make in a follower of Jesus. The staff has decided to make this an annual event for the youth."

This morning Mike and our children took Jake to the airport to fly home, please pray for safe travel.

Mike continues......
"Worship was amazing tonight. God really moved. All youth were on their knees, calling, submitting, and praising. Then there was an alter call for filling of the Holy Spirit to really make a difference. All came forward. Ministry time lasted over an hour....It was amazing to see these youth crying out to God in Haiti, on one of the worst nights of evil..."

Two of the five youth groups from our churches have youth groups in the States that sponsor them. The youth here in the states have helped to buy the Haitian youth t-shirts that match theirs. They have been partnering with and praying for the youth group they sponsor during this youth camp. They have been such a blessing to the youth in Haiti. We are praying that the groups will be encouraging to each other. 

Please continue to lift the youth up in prayer. Pray they will have the strength to walk out the commitments they have made. And thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.

Blessings, Mike and Chris

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