Friday, June 24, 2011

A while ago we asked for prayers for one of our orphan boys, named Jephly. We were told he needed surgery. The surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow in Port-au-Prince. Being in the hospital in Haiti is quite different then in developed countries. You are in a bare, simple, empty room. There are not nurses to care for you. You need to bring your own caretakers with you. Your own caretakers prepare food for you, they bathe you, and basically meet all of your needs. If Jephly had not been brought into the orphanage, he most likely would not have had the medical care he needs to survive. Dr. Ralph, the doctor in our medical clinic noticed during a physical check up that one of Jephly's testicles had not dropped from his abdomen. This is something in the US or Canada that would have been caught in a well-baby check up. In Haiti you usually wait until you are extremely sick before you go to a doctor. A lot of Haitians would go to a witch doctor first. We have found out that there is a high percentage of testicles still in the abdomen that become cancerous. The surgery will be in a hospital in Port-au-Prince. This will also mean a 4 hour trip to Port-au-Prince. The roads are slowly being improved, so at least the travel time is less now then it would have been a year or so ago. We do not own a vehicle in Haiti, so they will need to go to Port-au-Prince to rent a car and take it up to the orphanage and than take him to Port-au-Prince to the hospital. Then they will return the car and repeat the process when they bring him home. Port-a-Prince is far enough away that after they get him home they will not be able to get the car back to Port-au-Prince until the next day. At around $200 dollars per day to rent a car not including gas, this makes it impossible for most Haitians to even get to the hospital for surgery, much less having the ability to pay for the surgery. We are sending Nadine and another helper to care for him while he is in the hospital. He will most likely be taken to Madame Nathan's to be cared for after the 4-5 days in the hospital. Jephly has recently turned 11 years old, I know that this could be a scary age for a preteen boy to have a testicle operation. Also when people are sick in Haiti they usually die, so there is tremendous fear attached with surgery. One little boy in the orphanage was crying as I brought him from our Dr. back to the orphanage with cough syrup, extra vitamins, some antibiotic ointment and an appointment to get his eyes checked. I thought about it as I walked back to the school and felt like God was saying he was afraid he was going to die. I called the interpreter and we went back to talk with him and he was afraid he was going to die. Please pray for any fear Jephly has. Also please pray for the doctor performing the surgery and for Jephly's recovery. Please pray that the testicle is not found to be cancerous.
Please lift Nadine and the other worker up as they will be caring for him 24 hours a day in a city they are unfamiliar with. In Haiti you cannot just run to the grocery store and pick up the food or supplies you need.
If anyone wants to help with the cost of surgery or transportation or the cost for the extra helper we would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you so much for your prays, we will let everyone know how the surgery goes as soon as we can.

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