Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We wanted to send an update, letting everyone know how Caitlin is doing in our orphanage. She has been having a great time and experiencing a lot. She is working in our orphanage as a keeper (the Haitian's call nanny's keepers). She is a keeper for our oldest girls, who are 12 to 15 years old. The girls love having Caitlin with them, they look at it like a privilege or special treat. The girls are teaching Caitlin Haitian Creole and she is teaching them English. She has been able to spend time with the girls who teach from Emory's. She also has had the opportunity to work with a dentist who came to our medical clinic. The dentist saw over 100 children and adults. All of our orphanage children were able to be checked by the dentist. Please keep praying for her health, safety and for good relationships to be built. Relationships are sometimes one of the hard parts of working in a foreign country. Different cultures obviously see things differently then we would and misunderstandings can happen easily. We also have some more exciting news. The rest of our beds from sweet sleep have been delivered to the orphanage. This is great news, as we now have 54 orphans, a little girl and her brother were brought to us on Monday bringing our total up to 54. Please also pray for more Keepers. We would like to keep the ratio of one adult to every 6 children. Also pray for the Keepers to be sponsored, we would like to be able to give them $60 per month, as they also help with laundry and cleaning and things. Thanks again for your continued prayers. Blessings,

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