Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Update!

Another update!

The team is doing great still! No one has gotten sick or hurt! and spirits are still high! Saturday the team helped with 4 weddings. And later that afternoon, they baptized 15 people! praise God! Four of the 15 were newlyweds from the wedding they did earlier. What a great start to a healthy marriage!
On Sunday afternoon the team ty-dyed t-shirts with the orphan kids, they had so much fun, dye was flying all over the place! Later in the evening on Sunday, they led a revival meeting, Mike and Nathan both spoke, and the other team members each got to share as well! There was a large number of salvations that night! Thank you Jesus!
Monday the team went to the school in Gonaives, and Mike met with world food program directors. This could turn into a great opportunity to bring more food to the people we bring care to through Good Shepherd. Tuesday the team was planning on heading to our school in Peru. And they plan to interview several Haitians for both the Nanny's of our orphanage in Marose, as well as , an Orphanage Director. These positions are all very very vital parts of the ministry down there, so please spend some time on your knees about this! Wednesday the team will go to the coast of Gonaives and spend time feeding the poorest of the poor. This is always so impacting, please pray for our team, as this tends to be very heartbreaking.
Mike says the construction for building #3 is going great! the roof is on! And building #2 is going to get some paint on it this week! Construction in Haiti can often work on quite a different schedule than we might think is normal for America, so this is great progress! Also the benches are done being put together for Marose, and they are putting them together for Peru now!
The team is flying home tomorrow! Please pray for smooth travel, and the heavy hearts, as it is so difficult to leave the people in Haiti...

Thank you again so much for all your prayer and support!

- Jeremiah Leland (360)223-1122
New Generation Ministries
Mission Trip Coordinator

New Generation Ministries is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit charitable
organization that exists to "come along side" the people of Haiti to help
them help the poor, the hurting, the needy and the orphans. See us on the web at:

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