Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is a photo of our container at Okanagan Gleaners in B.C. being loaded on Friday. It has 160 drums of dehydrated soup mix. Each drum holds 70 bags of soup mix. Each bag makes 100 servings of soup. So this container holds 1120,000 servings of soup. It is now on its way to the shipping company in Florida where it will wait for our other containers to catch up before going to Haiti.
The container that is in the Fairway shopping center which is full of food and medical supplies will be picked up tomorrow morning and head for Florida also. We have a third container that will be dropped off in the Fairway shopping center Monday after the other one has been picked up. This container will be mostly for building materials but will also hold food. We have bought a pallet each of rice, beans,vegetable oil and spaghetti noodles. These items plus other donated items will be in with the building materials. This container will be accepting donations through next Friday. It will be organized over the weekend and will leave the following Monday for Florida. The plan is for Mike and the team to meet the containers on the docks in Haiti.
Thanks so much to all of you that have come along side of us to help in the Haiti relief effort.
Please remember to join us at the Brian Doerksen concert and help pay for the shipping of these containers.
Blessings Chris

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