Sunday, February 28, 2010

I talked with Mike.
They are in Haiti and almost to the orphanage. Their flight between L.A. and Miami was delayed 1/2 hour and then they sat on the runway for 1 hour.
Their layover in Miami was only 1 hour and 20 mins. Somehow they made it running. They had quite a ways to go. They said a lot of people did not make the connection. Mike and the teams luggage did not make it. They waited in Port-au-Prince for the next flight into Haiti and received all but one piece. So hopefully the missing luggage catches up to them. In Haiti no one would bring it to them, they will have to go and get it. Mike thinks it is the one with our medical scrubs for the clinic and the shirts for our teachers among other things. Please pray that we receive it. The team stopped and visited one orphanage we have friends at in Port-au-Prince. It is an orphanage for handicap children. It is being used as a triage and medical clinic to help earthquake victims. When I talked to Mike today they were just leaving Nathan's and heading up to our orphanage. Thanks so much for keeping the prayers going.

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