Saturday, August 29, 2009

Haiti again

I just got off the phone with Mike. He was in an area where there was no cell phone coverage. Glad to make contact with him. Pastor Kim from our church is with him on this trip. I guess Kim has fully packed every minute. Mike said it was like having me on the trip. There is so many needs and and time is so limited that I always feel like every second counts when we are there. Any way they are doing well. He said our Pastors association around Gonaives and Marose has grown now to almost 50. They had a teaching time with Kim, Mike, Philip and Deojon(spelled wrong, but I have no way of getting the correct spelling right now). Afterwards the pastors from our association prayed over them and Mike said it was awesome. The holy spirit was definitely there.

Tomorrow the team goes to Deojon's church in Port-au-Prince and each one will share his or her testimony there.

We have a huge praise report from here today. Two girls from our church, Naomi and Aumony put on a walk -a- thon called "Water for Life". It was geared towards children, we walked from the church to Lynden city park. The purpose was to raise money for the well and water system for the orphanage. We would like to drill for a well that is deep enough to be safe with filtration and provide water without running out. We also would like to put a 2000 to 3000 gallon holding tank on the hill above the orphanage, that would receive water from the well via a pump. Then through a water pipe system we could provide running water by gravity that would feed the kitchen for cooking and washing and also provide water to our future boys shower and toilet room and girls shower and toilet room. The church through a" give your best garage sale" raised just over $6000. At the walk -a- thon today they raised $8000. Mike knows the figures better than I do, but this is pretty close to what we need to accomplish our goal I believe. Praise God !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The team will be traveling home after lunch tomorrow and should arrive home sometime Monday afternoon. Please pray for safe travel. Thanks sooooo oooooo much. Blessings Chris

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