Thursday, August 6, 2009

Haiti trip


This is Chris writing this time. I heard from Mike and the team in Haiti today. The team is doing well. He says some of the women would like a few less bugs and a little less heat. They unpacked medical supplies today and spent part of the day playing with the children. Tomorrow they have a meeting with area pastors. Also they are baking cupcakes and a wedding cake in a bread bakery run by a fellow missionary. I believe this will be the first time ever these children will have had cake or cupcakes (complete with sprinkles). Should be a lot of fun. Our daughter and Pastor Nathan's sister will also be altering wedding clothes my daughter brought down for a bride and groom. Mike brought the groom to the Lord on his last trip and after Mike had left the groom told Pastor Nathan that he thought he should marry the woman he was living with. Nathan told him to wait till Mike came back and they would perform the ceremony. So Saturday evening the team will celebrate a wedding. Saturday morning will be a baptism of about 60 people that the team helped bring to the Lord on a previous trip. This will take place in the river behind the orphanage. The cupcakes and wedding cake are for those two celebrations. On Monday they will go to Gonaives one of 3 or 4 of the largest cities in Haiti. In Gonaives they will be helping another missionary with his daily feeding program. They will help feed about 250 children. So they have some full and exciting days head. Thanks so much for your prayers.

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