Wednesday, March 31, 2021


We wanted to let you know that Mike arrived safely in Port-au-Prince, Monday. Thank you for your prayers. In the evening he went out by the gate to the street and said there was absolutely no one on the streets. It is really eerie in Haiti to see empty streets at night. Usually there is almost a second community that comes out at night. But right now it just isn't safe to be out after dark.

Mike arrived in Gonaives, Tuesday, (Yesterday).
First visit was to the Children's Village :) Then he went out to the Boys Transition house, our home with the older boys who have aged out, but are still finishing up school.

He spent the day today getting things ready for Easter Weekend. Tomorrow, Thursday, Mike will be holding a Pastor's Conference for Easter. They are expecting about 100 Pastors. Mike will be sharing vision and passing out sermon notes and silicone 
bracelets to each church for people attending Easter Service. They say Bon Berger - Legliz Ki Bay Lavi, (Good Shepherd - Life Giving Church) on them. Each church will also be getting small crayon packets and coloring pages with the Easter message on them for each of the children attending Easter service. Please be praying for the Pastors and Mike as they gather tomorrow and prepare for Easter.

Please also be praying Friday, as it is the culmination of Rara, which basically is a voodoo party on parade. Usually the Rara's are worse leading up to Easter, and ending on Good Friday.
Mike will be preaching at the Good Friday Service. Thank you so very much for your partnering with us in prayer, we really appreciate it.

Blessings, Chris

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