Monday, July 9, 2018

Thank you so much for all of the prayers you have lifted up to God. He is answering. 

The news has reported the whole country of Haiti as being in violent manifestations. Actually that is not true. While the city of Port-au-Prince is a mess right now with violent manifestations, most of the country is calm and protesting in less violent ways. One of the largest problems is that there are not any avenues for the people to speak out and be heard. The problems are politically based and run deep. And just like in our own country what is deep in the background is not what we see on the surface. Most of the country is filled with helpful, giving and loving people. In Gonaives and the surrounding villages Mike has seen only a small amount demonstrations, nothing like what is being shown by the news. Mike said it is sad that the news is showing only this side as it causes people to see Haiti in a light that is not true. Please pray for the people and for peace.

Monday, today Mike and Nathan will be spending the day together in prayer away from everything. They have set the day aside to spend time together praying and seeking God's wisdom as they move forward ministering together. Please lift both of them up in prayer for wisdom, discernment and direction. Thank you so much.

Many blessings chris

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