Monday, May 8, 2017


I know we just sent a prayer partner out, but we have a new prayer request. The government of Haiti does not always make the best choices for the people to say the least. So when the people get upset, a manifestation is the only voice the people have. The government has once again chosen to not pay some of the teachers in the very few schools they have. So all of last week and today the teachers and students have gone from school to school each day and demanded that the private schools students and teachers manifest. Each day our older boys have come home part way through the morning missing their much needed schooling. I have been telling them not to go through downtown but to come home the back way. I just found out that  Friday one of the neighborhood teenage boys, a sweet kid named Macfadden came home through the downtown area and was mixed up into the manifestation. He was beaten severely by the police who were trying to control the riot. He died Saturday. I cant even imagine the pain he must have gone through. I did have the privilege of praying with him to accept Jesus last October. He had no mama and no papa. He was living with his Grandma and sisters. Please pray for his family and for order to come into the chaos of the city. The government is so broken, pray for the officials to make better choices for the people not just for themselves. My heart is so heavy, It just breaks my heart that kids here have so much against them. 
Thank you for your prayers

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