Wednesday, May 4, 2016


As most of you know our headquarters is in the village of Marose, Haiti. We have churches in 7 villages and schools in 5 villages, but our medical clinic, Children's Village, largest school and first church is in the village of Marose. It is a church started by Nathan's father Nathaniel, unlike the other churches which were planted by Nathan and Mike. The church of Marose has considered itself a Good Shepard Church, which is the name of the ministry Nathan started, that is in partnership with our ministry New Generation Ministries, since the beginning of our partnership. Because it was an older established church, it has been a bit of a struggle to help it become a "Life Giving Church", which is what our other churches are. Old traditions can be hard to change sometimes. And so begins the story.....

Nathan and Mike usually take turns preaching at the different churches, A little while ago, Nathan asked Mike to teach one Sunday at the church in Perou, a village about one hour from us. This particular morning we had two flat tires before we even had gotten as far as Marose. Knowing that we were running very late, I said "by the time we get up to Perou, church will be over. So we need to call and try to get hold of someone up there". It was at this point that our translator who Mike uses when he preaches,  said "they could really use your teaching at the Marose church", we were about 10 minuets from the Marose church at this point. Mike felt like God confirmed what Jonas was saying. So we went to the church in Marose instead. And the Holy Spirit fell! Mike felt at one point that he was supposed to make a significant commitment of time to the leadership of the church, to help lead, teach and come along side of them, in a more intense way then in the past. He asked the church if they wanted this and if they were wanting to commit to giving themselves and their families to God. Basically asking them to say "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord". First one stood, then two, then 4, 6, 10, eventually most of the church stood and made a commitment. There were a few challenges in the beginning, but each time they came to a crossroad they were asked if they wanted to keep moving ahead or not, and each time they came back and responded yes. The fruit.....salvation's, baptisms (over 25), being set free, even among leadership and healing, God has been in the business of bringing life, "life abundantly". And we have been so blessed to be allowed to be a part of this move of the Holy Spirit. There has been an average of 250 people at the Wednesday night bible study. Their worship time is no longer just singing good songs, they are being ushered into the throne room of God. Last week one of the leaders of the church shared some of Mike's teaching about three words that could change Haiti, "please, thank you and sorry". The words are not spoken here, yet this leader was encouraging the people to speak them. Amazing! 

In truth, I had given up on the church in Marose, I looked forward to going to all of the other churches, but not there. But God had other plans, BIG ones, and as usual His vision, His way, His will prevailed. He is an awesome God! Please lift the church of Marose up in your prayers, that He would bring to completion, that which He has started.

On another note, thank you to all who prayed for Nathan to receive a Canadian visa, so he would be able to attend the Canadian fundraiser and visit some of the  people who have visited the Children's Village in Haiti over the years. Today he was given the visa. Yeah! Thank you so much for praying.


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