Monday, January 11, 2016


Just wanted to send out a quick note and prayer request. Tomorrow morning we will be saying good bye to a very special couple who have been in Haiti with us for about 6 months. They will be leaving here around 7 am, which is 4 am in the morning pacific time. Please pray for safe and on time travels and connections. There is some political unrest in Port-au-Prince, due to the presidential election being postponed again. So prayers would be greatly appreciated both for them and Mike who will be driving them. Mary and Ian have been such a blessing to us. They have dealt with all of the same 3rd world issues we have, and they still choose to stay and watch over things while we went back to Lynden to be with our family for Christmas and New Years. They will be greatly missed by the children in the Children's Village and our family. They have photographed over 1300 school children and 67 high school students. They have helped me photograph over 14 weddings, doing the December ones on their own. They have spent time with and encouraged the children and the staff in the Children's Village. They have helped to make videos. Printed off thousands of school papers and report cards. They have prayed for and ministered with us to thousands of people. Mary and Ian have stepped in wherever they were needed. They have been a personal blessing to us, they will be greatly missed here in Haiti. 

Blessings, Chris

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