Monday, July 20, 2015


Hope you are enjoying the heat and your summer. It sounds like many of you are experiencing days in the 90's. Now all you need to add is some humidity :)

Nathan, Mary, Ian and our family went to Arcahaie this past weekend. Nathan's brother in-law Pastor Jeremiah was holding a week long revival in his church. Nathan led the choir Sunday morning, Mike preached Saturday night and Mary helped me take photos of 10 marriages that took place simultaneously Saturday afternoon. Pastor Jeremiah gave a sermon that talked about the controversy right now surrounding marriage. He explained that there would be no controversy in regards to marriage in his church. It would not be okay to go on cohabitating together, if they intended to continue attending the church they would need to be married. The result, 10 couples came forward and asked to be married Saturday during the revival. Together Mary and I took over 1,000 photos of the weddings. I will go through these photos and print some for each couple as a wedding gift for them. That evening while Mike preached the Holy Spirit moved powerfully. Almost 100 people came forward for prayer. God is amazing!

One funny thing that happened on the way to Arcahaie was seeing another unbelievable feat on a motorcycle. I need to be ready with a camera in hand to shoot more often. I have missed quite a few good photo opportunities. The first being 14 goats on a motorcycle. The second was the man in the knee length bright red down coat, complete with fur lined hood riding his motorcycle in 100 degree weather on the way to Cap Haitian. Well on Saturday going through Saint Marc we saw a man riding on the back of a motorcycle carrying a full size, white, 6 panel, wooden door. He was holding it standing upright, unbelievable! 

Now for the story. Mike preached one Sunday morning in Pass Rein while Rusty's  team was here, and 4 young people in their  mid 20's accepted Jesus. One young man in particular has sought out Nathan daily to ask what he should be reading in the bible, or to ask questions, or to meet with him for guidance. Before Nathan left for Arcahaie he invited anyone who wanted to go with him, to go. He said he would take as many people as would fit in his vehicle. Well this young man was one of the people who wanted to go. Right before he left, he told Nathan that he needed to share part of his testimony with him. Nathan told him that he had already heard his testimony. The young man said that he had more to share but he had been afraid to share it. So Nathan said okay he would listen. The young man began to share that in the past he had killed people. He shared that he used to kill people for money. He then shared that he had been asked by the Madame (the head witch doctor in Pass Rein) to murder Nathan and Mike. He said that in the past he never turned down a murder job, he said that you just do not do that. But this time, he said something made him think about all the positive changes in Pass Rein, all the good that had happened and he was bothered for the first time about killing someone. He told the Madame that he could not kill Nathan and Mike. But he said he felt guilty about not killing them. He said he prayed about it and he felt like God told him to go to church and get saved, so he did that Sunday morning. And now he said that he no longer feels guilty about not killing them. God has miraculously changed this man's whole life. He has completely surrendered his life to God. We are praising God as he has yet saved another life in Pass Rein. The area of Pass Rein 
​we have been ministering in, ​
is called De
​De-force translates as The place of darkness. It truly was a place of darkness and now they have seen the light and the truth has set them free. It was know as the place the witch doctors came from and now they are being saved there. God is sooo merciful and good. A lot of you have been praying for the Madame, as she is the main witch doctor in Pass Rein. She had left the area and moved into Gonaives as she could no longer perform in Pass Rein. Well, she has returned again to Pass Rein, so PLEASE continue to pray for her to SEE the light and meet JESUS. ​Your prayers have moved mountains in this ministry and we are so thankful for your faithfulness.


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