Thursday, August 14, 2014

So hungry for Jesus

I want to share with you a fun thing we have been able to do the last couple of mornings. The community of Pass Rein is so hungry for God and trying so hard to figure out life differently, that besides meeting for church every night, they also wanted to have a men's conference and a women's conference and this week a marriage and family conference. So yesterday Nathan, Mike and I, and today just Mike and I sat with them and let them ask questions, any question they wanted to. We have had a lot of interaction, a lot of oh my's, a lot of hard life questions and a lot of laughter​. It has been great. The youth have now come to Nathan and said they want a conference too, so they can learn about life. Please, please pray for these families, that their eyes, ears and minds would be open and that they would understand the things of God. Not life like Americans, Canadians or even Haitians, but Kingdom life, life like God created them for, like Haitian Christian men and women. 

Thank you again for helping us to put Bibles in the hands of the Haitian believers. You have helped to give 100 bibles towards our goal of 300. What a huge blessing.

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