Monday, August 27, 2012

Prayer Partners:  Yes, once again the poorest country in the western hemisphere is hit by a severe tropical storm. Hurricane Isaac stampeded through the southern part of Haiti last night and continued through this morning with winds of over 60 miles per hr with massive amounts of torrential rains. Seven people are reported dead and hundreds more are left homeless because of the flooding. Most of Cite Soleil, the largest slum in Haiti is under water. The fear is that disease and cholera will spread like wildfire. Please pray that this does not happen.

 Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Many of you have been following the hurricane and praying that the worst of it would remain out at sea. Thank you so much, my children were in this storm, and I am so grateful for your support of this ministry. Please continue to pray as Haiti once again begins to pick up the pieces that are left after being hit by the enemy when they are down. "Down, but not defeated." The Lord has plans for Haiti, "plans for good" and New Generation Ministries is in it, with them, for the long haul. See this link below for more info............Than You..........Mike

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